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All GSM handsets have a 15-digit IMEI code (International Mobile Equipment Identifier), which is the phone's electronic serial number. The first six digits of this number are referred to as the TAC (Type Approval Code). This code identifies the country in which type approval was sought for the phone, and the approval number.

If you have a phone to add to this list, please email the details to Lewin Edwards. All that is required is the first six digits of the phone's IMEI, the make/model number and if possible, also the GSM band(s) covered by the phone. (There is nothing secret about this information. The first six digits of the IMEI will be the same for all phones the same model as yours). On most phones, you can display the IMEI by typing *#06#; otherwise, you can find the IMEI inside the battery compartment and in most cases also on a self-adhesive label on the original retail box.

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Identifying GSM Phones by IMEI

Important: If you see your phone here, PLEASE check its IMEI against what is shown on this page. This will help to reduce errors and identify hardware revisions which have required resubmission for type approval.

Note: I'm getting mail from people (mostly here in the USA :) asking where they find the IMEI on their TDMA/CDMA/analog handset. ONLY GSM phones have an IMEI! There are some US GSM carriers, but relatively few.



010010 Motorola MicroTAC Select 3000e GSM1900
010028 Nokia 6190 GSM1900 (Microcell)
010037 Nokia 5190 GSM1900
010049 Nokia 5190 GSM1900
330075 KPN (rebadge Sagem?) Pocketline Mercurius
330115 Sagem RC820 unknown band
330172 Sagem RC825 unknown band
332049 Sagem MC939 GSM900/GSM1800
350112 Nokia 8210 GSM900/GSM1800
442844 Vodafone EB-3811 (rebadged Panasonic) GSM900
444236 Philips Twist GSM1800
445200 Sony CM-DX1000
446592 Panasonic G500 GSM900
447264 Motorola StarTAC 70
447360 Panasonic EB-G450 unknown band
447679 Philips Twist GSM900 (also Philips Tinto, presumably the same phone in a different casing)
447768 Motorola cd928 GSM900/GSM1800
447769 Motorola cd930 GSM900/GSM1800
448113 Motorola cd160 GSM900/GSM1800
448114 Motorola d520
448323 Philips Diga GSM900
448570 KPN Pocketline Sirius (rebadge Panasonic EB-G520)
448886 Siemens C25 unknown band
448902 Nokia 8210 GSM900/GSM1800
448954 Motorola L7089 GSM900/GSM1800/GSM1900
448955 Motorola 3688 GSM900/GSM1800
449656 Motorola M3888
449125 Siemens C25 GSM900/GSM1800
449142 Nokia 3210 GSM900/GSM1800
449143 Nokia 3210 GSM900
449151 Nokia 3210e GSM900/GSM1800
449174 Motorola M3588 GSM900/GSM1800
450066 Sony CMD-Z1 GSM900
450067 AEG Executive+ (also referred to as Pocketline in the Netherlands) GSM900
450078 Bosch COM-608
450087 Sony CMD-C1 GSM900
490102 Ericsson GH337 GSM900
490138 Nokia 2110 GSM900
490509 Ericsson GF768 GSM900
490510 Ericsson GF688 GSM900
490518 Nokia 6110 GSM900
490522 Nokia 5110 GSM900
490535 Ericsson GA628 GSM900
490541 Nokia 5110 GSM900
490544 Nokia 5110 GSM900
490533 Ericsson GA628 GSM900
493002 Nokia 6150 GSM900/GSM1800
493008 Nokia 6150 GSM900/GSM1800
520002 Ericsson SH888 GSM900/GSM1800
520007 Ericsson GF768 GSM900
520015 Ericsson GF768 GSM900
520019 Ericsson T18s GSM900/GSM1800
520023 Ericsson S868 GSM900/GSM1800
520026 Ericsson A1018S GSM900/GSM1800
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