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Day 8 - Gasoline Tastes Like Sadness

(except for the picture above, all images in this page can be clicked to view a MUCH larger version).

01/02/06 - A couple of evenings ago, it felt like a good night to be working on the passenger side gas tank. I should have known better when I saw that two of the bolts holding the tank shield in place are already missing and the metal is rusty and warped all around this area....

After shearing off two of the five remaining bolts, and then breaking the adapter piece on my socket set (fortunately I have several), I decided that the gods were not smiling on this project. I also discovered that the metal under the passenger tank is rusted to the point where it has the strength of cardboard. I'll need to fabricate a totally new sheetmetal piece to sit under the tank. I also observed that all the bolts holding this tank into the car have been broken off. It's a pretty safe bet that the tank is unsalvageable, and I'm not even going to bother to try - it will be converted to plastic as soon as practical and until then I'm going to leave it alone.

Worse than all this, however, is the fact that there is a (slow) gas leak into the cabin around the fuel selector switch. Now that the driver side tank can be filled up, I guess the pressure into the supply side of the switch is a little higher and that is enough to cause seepage. Looking closely at the lines, they all seem to be rusted to the point where I'm sure they will be the next thing to require replacement. So now I need to drain the tank again, cut off the fuel line close to the tank and splice a rubber line on, and run that line directly to the fuel pump, bypassing the leaky switch.

Sometime this week I'll get to the auto parts store and buy some 1/4" ID rubber fuel hose and clamps to work on this little problem.

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