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Day 7 - Tank Full, Raring to Go

12/28/05 - Not a terribly productive holiday period, and no real pictures. The shield plate is primed and painted black; once the black coat dries I will glue the rubber seal back onto this piece and bolt it back onto the car. I'll then start on the other one.

The big news is that the driver side gas tank is now definitely solid, with no leaks. I put 2.5 gals in the tank, which took it from about 1/4 full to something over 1/2 full (according to the gauge). No leaks... so I put in another 2.5gals, and that put the gauge to full (though I think the tank is in fact only about 80% full). Seems that the seal is holding nicely.

I took a brief video clip of starting and running the car. If you don't see a Windows Media Player window above or to the left of this text, then you've either disabled it, or you're running on a platform that doesn't support it. You MAY be able to play the video by clicking this link and either downloading the movie or playing it directly from your web browser.

I've ordered four new rims, since the ones I have are rusty (and there's no spare). Once I can afford it, I'll get four new tires put on those new rims, and take off all the old ones. One of the old ones will do as a spare.

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