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Day 2 - Headlamp, Air Cleaner

(unless otherwise specified, all images in this page can be clicked to view a MUCH larger version).

12/10/05 - A cold day and I didn't have much time to work on car stuff due to a family engagement. My goals were to find out what is inside that oil-bath air cleaner and also to try and fix the misaligned driver side headlamp. First the easy stuff - Open the air cleaner and here's the filter element:

This is a Fram CA146 disposable filter. The oil pan looks as if it hasn't had any actual oil in it for quite some time; it's rusty in places. Therefore I conclude that this filter element is not intended to be used as an oil-wicking type. Trip to Autozone to get a couple of spares (and a bunch of other goodies - I just sold some stuff on eBay and have some spare cash!).

The headlamp is a more difficult situation. The sealed beam bulb is held in a ring that is spring-tensioned in the lower right corner (as you look at the front of the bulb). The beam is pointed using two screws that hook onto the retainer ring and screw into plastic receptacles riveted to the headlamp bucket. The receptacle for the horizontal aiming screw is broken (see left-hand picture):

A very dirty fix - I used pieces of coffee-stirrer to press the broken ring ends together (center picture). I then used "industrial" two-part epoxy resin to glue everything in place (right-hand picture). It remains to be seen how long this resin will take to set at current temperatures, or if it will even be strong enough to hold the aiming screw.

While I was under the hood, I lubricated the choke cable (since the choke was VERY stiff) and worked it back and forth to spread the lube and rub off rust. I had not previously been able to start the engine - now I realize that it only wants to start at HALF-choke, not at full choke! I ran it for 10 minutes to charge the battery a little. Note that even with the temp gauge at 25% of full deflection, the engine dies if the choke is pushed all the way in.

A sad day in that I noticed a hole in the rear driver side quarter panel. It looks as if it rusted out from the inside sometime after the green paint job. Sooner or later I'm going to have to get in there with bondo and other evil things; eventually, the whole car is going to get a paint job.

Tomorrow, with a bit of luck, I can replace the lamp and then remove the air filter again to wire-brush off the peeled paint and repaint it with Rustoleum high-temperature paint, which is about as technical as I intend to get this weekend.

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