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Book 3

My third book is released! Learn what you'll need to know in order to become an embedded engineer.

Book 2

Check out my second book; learn practical stuff about building robots and control systems around Linux PCs and the Atmel AVR.

Book 1

My first book gives you all the intro you need on developing 32-bit embedded systems on a hobbyist budget.

Day 14 - Transmission and Tires

04/22/07 - Things are happening! Last week, I drove up to the Providence, RI area to meet Raymond Powell of East Coast Scouts fame. I had a bit of a yarn with him about things Scout-related, and bought a T90 with transfer case - apparently only 40K miles on it (though I have to wonder how accurate that is - if it's based on an odometer then I'd say 140 or 240K is equally possible :). As I mentioned on Day 13, my fiendish master plan is to rebuild this trans, swap it into my Scout, then rebuild the old one and keep it as a spare. Unfortunately, with the t-case attached, the transmission is just a bit too heavy for me to handle alone, and equally unfortunately, I was really busy this weekend on the Polyceph project. Ordering the replacement bearings and seals is not just a matter of clicking a checkbox and entering a credit card; there are several flavors of everything, and I need some time to sit down uninterrupted and work out what I need to buy.

I'll close this entry with a few miscellaneous pictures of the Scout - so you can see just how the paint is deteriorating. I seriously need to get into the bodywork. In the first picture, you can also see now nasty the old rims were.

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