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Day 10 - Engine Pictures

01/31/06 - These are some miscellaneous engine pictures related to a discussion we were having on the IHC listserver about this particular vehicle and its weirdo engine. The pictures on either side of this text are close-ups of the oil dip stick and filler tube mount points on the engine. These two pictures were taken from a position in front of and on the driver's side of the engine. Observe that according to the position of the bolt securing the oil dipstick, this is definitely a 152cid engine. Also observe the nice new distributor, which looks totally out of place amongst the old stuff :)

It appears likely that this truck at some time had a partial or (more likely) complete engine swap, probably with a donor engine from an older Scout 80. There is a control on the dash, immediately to the left of choke, labeled "T". This is described in the operator's manual as a throttle control (and it's optional - not all vehicles had it). I'm not at all sure what this knob would actually do, but in any case on my vehicle this control runs to a cable going through the firewall and dangling in mid-air.

To the left you can see a slightly further-out shot illustrating the oil filler tube. You can see the breather sticking out the left side at the top. This picture was taken standing outside the passenger side of the truck, in the center at the top you can see the brake and clutch master cylinders.

To the right is a picture showing where the breather tube exits, down between two pipes in the exhaust manifold. It's good for me to take these pictures and write things down, because I just realized that the wire dangling from the top center-ish to the bottom right corner runs to the aftermarket voltmeter under the dash.

And blow me down - looking at that last picture, I finally understand why my alternator seems to be vibrating a lot. The rear alternator mounting bolt is missing!!!!

The only things I tried to do today were get the steering wheel off (I can't work out how to remove the horn button), put my license plates on (I can't remove the screws in the rear plate), and change the wiper blades (the ones I bought are not 100% compatible and it took 45 minutes to get one installed - I haven't tried to do the other one yet). I hate days like this.

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