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Book 3

My third book is released! Learn what you'll need to know in order to become an embedded engineer.

Book 2

Check out my second book; learn practical stuff about building robots and control systems around Linux PCs and the Atmel AVR.

Book 1

My first book gives you all the intro you need on developing 32-bit embedded systems on a hobbyist budget.

Last updated: April 29, 2007.

Lewin A.R.W. Edwards

The most recent version of this document can at all times be obtained online at

Contact Details:

(914) 645-9098 (cell). Email contact at is preferred over telephone contact.

Desired Position:

  1. Engineering: A midlevel or senior engineering position working amongst other highly motivated individuals, developing embedded firmware and/or hardware.
  2. Marketing: A challenging position working in the marketing arm of a hi-tech company; gathering and interpreting voice of the customer, developing marketing specifications and working with customers and engineering to develop engineering specifications; creating copy for product launches.


  • Numerous PowerPC and Cell Broadband Engine technical articles published by IBM on their developerWorks web site (ongoing).
  • My fourth book, on dimensioning embedded hardware for a given software task, is scheduled for completion in December 2007.
  • My third book, "So, You Want to be an Embedded Engineer?", was released in July, 2006. ISBN 0-750-67953-0; Newnes.
  • My second book, "A Cookbook for Open-Source Robotics and Process Control" was released in December 2004. ISBN 0-750-67778-3; Newnes.
  • My first book, "Embedded System Design on a Shoestring", was released in June, 2003. ISBN 0-750-67609-4; Newnes.
  • Cover article "Give the Dog a Chip" for Embedded Systems Programming magazine, Jan 2001.
  • I appeared on the front conver of, and was quoted in, the September 2000 issue of Information Week as part of an article on electronic component sourcing.
  • "Heed danger signals as you talk on the move" (an article on mobile phone safety), Sydney Morning Herald, 24-Sep-1996.


  • Unmatched communications skills, with considerable experience in the development of marketing and engineering specifications, end-user documentation, application notes and educational materials.
  • C/C++/assembly firmware development for embedded systems based around a variety of microcontrollers; ARM, x86, PPC, PA-RISC, AVR, MSP430, PIC, et al. Recent experience is mostly AVR, MSP430, PowerPC and ARM.
  • RTOS design and porting (Red Hat eCos and embedded Linux).
  • 3 years' experience developing wireless communications products for the security and fire safety markets.
  • 5 years' experience in encryption (DES, RSA et al) and desktop security products for consumer operating systems.
  • 5 years' experience in embedded 2D digital imaging appliances (JPEG, MPEG codecs in hardware and software) and associated OS design and implementation (proprietary OSes and Linux).
  • Other skills include: Schematic entry and basic PCB library management and PCB layout (OrCAD, Eagle), C/C++/assembly application/device driver development for DOS, Win16/32, Linux and OS/2, filesystem design and implementation (DOS-compatible and proprietary flash filesystems).

Professional Experience:

06/04 to present: Design engineer at a Fortune 100 company. The division in which I work designs and markets high-volume consumer and commercial grade electronic products, most of which are UL-listed for their intended purpose. I am part of the Short Range Radio group, which develops products with integral FCC Part 15 (and equivalent foreign SRD) low-power radio transceivers. My responsibilities include hardware design and review, firmware (COP, 8051, AVR and MSP430) and engineering project management tasks. Applications include baseband decoding and encoding, encryption, realtime control/sensor tasks and diverse communications protocols.

01/05 to present (extra-curricular): I have been writing ongoing columns for IBM's developerWorks web site, principally focused on embedded app development using PowerPC.

03/02 to present (extra-curricular): I have been reviewing book proposals and proofreading technical manuscripts as requested by the acquisitions editor assisting me with my own book projects.

05/99 to 05/04: Lead embedded engineer at Digi-Frame Inc, Port Chester, NY. Early projects were audio toys based around Winbond PowerSpeech 4-bit MCUs. The bulk of my projects consisted of RISC-based (PA-RISC, ARM7TDMI and StrongARM) digital image viewer appliances (JPEG/MPEG) with CompactFlash, SmartMedia, PCMCIA, ATAPI peripherals. Responsible for all hardware and firmware design, porting off-the-shelf RTOSs, filesystem and codec development, TCP/IP networking code and device drivers, as well as developing proprietary OSs, all technical documentation and implementation. I have carried out this process for three currently shipping products through their entire life cycle and am currently working on three new products. Liaise with Asian ODM and assist with manufacturing issues. Liaise with parts vendors and choose best, cost-effective parts for new designs. Carry design from initial idea through to prototype PCB and final firmware, including analysis of field test results and ongoing firmware maintenance. Provide end-user technical support and develop technical support documentation and flowcharts for third-party support facilities.

08/94 to 04/99: Senior programmer at PC-Plus Systems Pty. Ltd, Australia. Led a small team of programmers and technical support staff, working primarily on Australian Department of Defense Approved Products List encryption and desktop security products for DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95 and Windows NT. Working with MASM, WDEB386, Visual C++ and Watcom C++. Sole responsibility for developing device driver components of our shipping software (VxDs, DOS drivers, etc). Secondary products included Internet content-filtering (censorship) software and consumer encryption products.

09/96 to 11/99 (part-time): Worked via telecommute for F/X Communications, Holbaek, Denmark ( on their InJoy PPP dialer product for OS/2. My responsibility was a fully script-configurable graphic news-ticker applet for OS/2 Presentation Manager. I also worked on their Tunnel/2 IP tunneling project, providing a security plugin offering 2048-bit RSA secure sync-up and key exchange and 56-bit DES bulk encryption.

07/94 to 05/95: In addition to my fulltime jobs, I ran a mail-order modem business operated from a two-line private BBS (ZWSBBS, Fidonet 3:634/396).

1989-present: In addition to my day job, miscellaneous contract projects, including: Candy vending machine/tabletizing controller for an Alabama firm. RS485-networked shipping floor display module for Rainbird. Customized modem firmware for Zoom Telephonics Australia. Parallel port audio device drivers for the SuperDAC from Newtech Enterprise (Australia). Text viewer applet for DonTronics (a hobbyist electronics firm,; later customized and re-sold this product to Australian National Railways. Custom PIC16C57-based copy-protection device and audio device for a Sydney CBT firm; also Windows device drivers for this unit. Reverse-engineered and customized the BIOS for S3 ViRGE/DX (86C375) SVGA cards to work with fixed-frequency monitors.

Education and Certifications:

  • Phi Eta Sigma honor society member.
  • Currently attending New York Institute of Technology (Old Westbury, NY) for a Bachelor of Science in Electronic and Computer Engineering; 4.0 cumulative GPA.
  • Assorted part-time courses from the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Commerce programs, University of Melbourne (Australia), 1991-1994 (Did not graduate).
  • Six Sigma Green Belt (DMAIC) certified.
  • Certified Apple Engineer, 1997-98.

Immigration Status:

Natural-born Australian citizen; lawful permanent US resident ("green card"); eligible for US citizenship in 2008. and all original content herein is © Copyright 2005 by Lewin A.R.W. Edwards. "" is a trademark protected under U.S. and international law. Infringement or attempted dilution of the intellectual property rights held by Lewin A.R.W. Edwards will be prosecuted to the fullest possible extent.