sinclair zx spectrum:

Sinclair ZX Spectrum and Spectrum+.

quick facts

Overview Photograph

This is not a 100% accurate picture of the machine. The bezel normally has a color bar in the lower right corner, and numerous legends. Because this unit arrived in poor condition, I repainted the bezel; see below.
FCC ID None. This device was not widely sold in the United States. It is widely reported that Sinclair sold the ZX Spectrum directly to the US by mail order, but I have yet to find one of these machines. The "official" upgrade path from the ZX81-type machines was the Timex TS2068, but this is also a very rare machine (and looks physically nothing like a Spectrum, although it is somewhat compatible).
Model or Part # ZX Spectrum
My unit's vintage TBD
CPU Z-80A.
Memory 48K DRAM, 16K ROM
Operating System Sinclair floating-point BASIC.
Ports Standard 3.5mm mono jacks for tape recorder microphone and earphone connections, RF out (PAL) and an expansion edge connector at the rear of the machine.
Video/audio output 256 x 192 color graphics - each 8x8 pixel block has its own set of foreground/background colors (RGBI) and blink attribute.
Available peripherals Numerous, TBD.

I got involved with the Spectrum late in its life. I believe I bought my 48K Spectrum from a Sam Long at Melbourne Grammar School in 1989 or 1990. Mr. Long should feel privileged, since he is the only person from high school or college whose name I can remember; I could even make a fair stab at recalling his physiognomy.

So far I've received two of my 48K Spectrums. At the time of writing, I have one more rubbery Spectrum (known to be faulty) and a Spectrum+ with numerous games coming my way. Here are pictures of two motherboard versions; Issue Two (top) and Issue Three (bottom):

Unfortunately, all the 48K rubbery Spectrums I've been able to buy have moderate to severe damage to the metal key bezel. Well, working on my new 40-year old truck has infused me with new vigor to handle mere paint problems:

While the painted bezel dries, the housings and rubber keys enjoy a bath and a solid scrubbing with a toothbrush:



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