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Commodore VIC-20 Cartridges.

This is a "raw" list of cartridges I own (and it's not complete; I have a couple of unsorted boxes that I WILL get around to cataloging one of these days...). For information on emulators, refer to the VIC-20 home page.

Part# Title Producer and Description
004-04 Star Trek - Strategic Operations Simulator (Sega) A "kinda" space simulation game, very hard to play. Advanced for its time in that it has multiple views open at once.
4L2543 K-Star Patrol (CBS Software) A horizontally-scrolling shoot'em up.
720050-1A Demon Attack (Imagic)
720051-1A Atlantis (Imagic)
C303 Turtle Graphics (HES) Utility cartridge
THC22001 River Rescue (Thorn EMI)
VIC-1901 Avenger (2 copies) (Commodore) - A competent Space Invaders clone.
VIC-1904 Superslot (Commodore) One-armed bandit simulator!
VIC-1906 Alien (Commodore)
VIC-1907 Jupiter Lander (2 copies) (Commodore) - Something of a physical simulator. You need to land a ship on one of three landing platforms, but the ship must be traveling within a very tight speed range when it touches the ground. Extremely difficult!
VIC-1908 Poker (Commodore)
VIC-1909 Road Race (2 copies) (Commodore) - A first-person-perspective racing game; obviously not very advanced because of the VIC's limitations, but quite playable.
VIC-1910 Radar Ratrace (Commodore)
VIC-1911 The Sky Is Falling (Commodore)
VIC-1912 Mole Attack (Commodore)
VIC-1913 Raid On Fort Knox (Commodore)
VIC-1914 Adventure Land (Commodore)
VIC-1915 Pirates' Cove (Commodore)
VIC-1916 Mission Impossible A Scott Adams text adventure game.
VIC-1917 The Count A Scott Adams text adventure game.
VIC-1918 Voodoo Castle A Scott Adams text adventure game.
VIC-1919 Sargon II Chess (Commodore) - Like the name says, it's a chess game. There are ten difficulty levels.
VIC-1920 Pin Ball (Commodore) Reasonable pinball simulator; quite enjoyable.
VIC-1921 Super Smash (Commodore)
VIC-1922 Cosmic Cruncher (2 copies) (Commodore) - A barefaced rip-off of Pac-Man. The game map isn't the same, and you control a C= character instead of the classic Pac-Man shape, but it's basically the same game.
VIC-1923 Gorf (Commodore)
VIC-1924 Omega Race (Commodore) - A classic, and one of my favorites. Pilot your ship around the screen (control method and physics are similar to Asteroids) and shoot down the aliens while avoiding obstacles.
VIC-1925 Money Wars (Commodore)
VIC-1928 Home Babysitter (Commodore)
VIC-1930 Visible Solar System (Commodore)
VIC-1933 Speed Math / Bingo Math (Commodore)
VIC-1937 Sea Wolf (Commodore) - An arcade conversion. Lacks a lot without the arcade machine's cool control hardware. Still, I remember spending quite a few hours playing this game when I was small! The sound effects are great.
[none] Astroblitz (Creative)
[none] Bandits (Sirius) - Something like Galaxian, a little smattering of Defender - this is a great shoot'em up with well-defined, colorful graphics and reasonable sound effects.
[none] Choplifter (Creative)
[none] Pac Man (Atari)
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