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sharp pc-1403:

Radio Shack TRS-80 PC-2.

quick facts

Overview Photograph
TRS-80 PC-2 keyboard closeup
Model or Part # PC-2 (Cat #26-3601)
My unit's vintage Serial #C1028212
CPU Sharp LH5801 (8-bit CMOS)
Memory 3.5K SRAM (1850 bytes available; expandable via card slot), 16K ROM
Operating System BASIC.
Ports Single proprietary port for RS-232 communications (requires level shifter), printer, and tape interface
Video/audio output Internal custom 26 characters x 1 line LCD (5x7 matrix; 156x7 pixels, directly addressable) with several enunciators. Internal piezo beeper, user-programmable frequency
Available peripherals Printer/tape interface combination; proprietary Sharp RAM cards

All of Tandy's calculators and pocket computers were OEMed from either Sharp or Casio, and this unit is no exception - it is in fact a Sharp PC-1500 and can exchange accessories with the PC-1500 and PC-1600 series computers.

The photograph makes this unit look deceptively small; it runs off 4 'AA' cells and is actually quite thick and heavy. (Contrast this with the Sharp PC-1403, which runs off two CR2032 lithium cells and is truly a "pocket computer"). The PC-2 is about the same size as the Atari Portfolio, but much less powerful.

The PC-2 is a pure computer, lacking the general-purpose calculator keyboard of many other Sharp models. All the same functionality is, however, available by typing in the appropriate keywords. Because of the additional typing burden, this device is probably not so useful for the engineer's shirt pocket. I find my PC-2 useful for functions such as working out component values from their codes and vice versa; tasks that I can do in my head, but that are better performed by a program in order to avoid stupid mistakes.


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