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sharp pc-1250a:

Sharp PC-1250A and CE-123P.

quick facts

Overview Photograph
Sharp PC-1250A keyboard and CE-123P closeup
FCC ID None on computer. CE-123P's ID is AFL9QECOM0062.
Model or Part # PC-1403
My unit's vintage Serial #7700675X (computer), 87003881 (CE-123P).
CPU Sharp LH???? (8-bit CMOS)
Memory 4K SRAM (3486 bytes available), 24K ROM
Operating System BASIC
Ports Single proprietary port for RS-232 communications (requires level shifter), printer, and tape interface.
Video/audio output Internal custom 24 characters x 1 line LCD (5x7 matrix) with several enunciators; not dot-addressable. Internal piezo beeper, fixed frequency.
Available peripherals CE-123P thermal printer and tape interface, microcassette recorder, floppy drive, and various other printers.

The PC-1250A is probably the (physically) smallest computer in my collection at the time of writing. It is considerably shorter than the PC-1403, and has similar capabilities; however, it lacks a dedicated calculator mode and calculator keys. The math functions in it are quite full-functioned; you just need to do rather more typing than is necessary on the PC-1403.

The CE-123P combination thermal printer/cassette interface is probably one of the best printers for the pocket Sharp computers; it uses standard 2.25"-wide thermal paper, and the print head is reasonably durable. The head is, however, a semi-consumable item.

Oddly enough, Philcap Electronics ( has, at the time of writing, small stocks of spare mechanisms for this printer (or more likely some cash register or POS terminal that used the same mech), including the print head. If you happen to be in the Akron area, it's worth dropping by to pick up a few of these mechs.


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