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Atari ST Audio Clips.

Even under ideal conditions, most emulators seem to have less-than-perfect sound, particularly when games or demos use complicated high-performance playback routines. This is your chance to hear some Atari ST music almost the way its authors intended it to be heard.

The RealAudio clips were sampled by connecting the output of my Atari 520STe to my Apple PowerBook 1400. You will need RealAudio Player to listen to these files. They are not streamed; you must download them to hear them. The reason for this is to allow you to keep a local copy for future reference.

Note: My Atari ST hardware is in Australia, and I am now in the USA. I have bought another ST (sans floppy drive); once I get a fully working ST system, I will expand this page. I have abandoned the proprietary RealAudio format, however; future additions to this page will be in .MP3 format.

  1. Shadow Of The Beast introduction music (330K, RealAudio)
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