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Rolling Thunder.

Rolling Thunder loader screen

Among my other treasures, I happen to own the coin-op board of this game, and it's one of my favorite mid-80s platformers. If you read my page describing the coin-op game (on which you can see screenshots of the real machine, and download RealAudio versions of the superb music), you'll see that I give all the home computer conversions very poor reviews, and the Atari ST version unfortunately suffers from most of the same faults as the other 16-bit versions. However, in terms of playability, the ST version beats the Amiga version by a long way - this is definitely one of those conversions that was originally written for the ST's 8MHz CPU, and just recompiled to get it to work on the Amiga. The ST has smoother scrolling, and a faster frame-rate than the Amiga version.

Rolling Thunder in-game screenshot With that commentary out of the way, the entire game can be summed up by a quick glance at the screenshot to the left. You play the character on the bottom level of the screen, a secret agent type of person from some ancient manga series, pitted against many hood-wearing gun-toting grenade-tossing villains who look rather like KKK members.

I don't know how many stages (if any) have been left out of the ST version, because I haven't completed the original, but the conversion feels fairly complete, albeit cramped into a tiny window of the screen.

Verdict: This is a curio for collectors, not something you'd seek out in order to give your joystick some exercise.

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