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Robocop 2.

Robocop 2 Title

This game is very slick. The sprites and backgrounds are detailed, extremely well animated and colorful, the sound effects are appropriate, there are plenty of digitized shots of Peter Weller in his shiny suit, the scrolling is smooth, collision detection is accurate... I think you should get the idea by now - I'm impressed. The home computer version of the tie-in game for the first movie was rather a disappointment compared to the coin-op, and the Amiga and ST versions had some rather nasty bugs. Robocop 2 is generations ahead, and if you don't have this game in your collection you should rush out and grab a copy right now.

Gameplay is standard 4-way platformer, slightly marred by a difficult jump process. The coin-op had two buttons (jump and fire), and it is necessary to be able to fire diagonally upwards, so Ocean couldn't just map "jump" to "up" - to jump across gaps, you need to take a sort of running leap and it's a little difficult. Other than that, I can't fault this game.

Hectic, eh? This screenshot from level 1 shows you the exquisitely detailed and colorful graphics of Robocop 2. The strange color stripe at the top of the segment of Robocop's chest shown in the bottom third of the screen is an artifact of the emulator used to obtain these screenshots.

Level two sees you trying to remove certain bad memory chips from your brain (if you recall the movie, Robocop was trapped and sliced into bits by Kane's drug gang. When OCP repaired him, they didn't want him to come back to peak ability and compete with the next model, so they filled his mind with thousands of stupid directives. In the movie, he electrocuted himself to get rid of the nonsense memories).

In this stage, you need to move the cursor over all the red-marked chips. However, the cursor leaves a burned trail behind it - cross over that trail, and you lose the stage. This level would be very easy if it wasn't for a time limit.
This is the bonus stage wherein you limber up your trigger finger. Robocop 1 had the same sort of stages, but in RC2 there are targets you need to avoid as well as ones you need to hit - tricky!

Verdict: Good movie, excellent game, excellent conversion. What more can I say?

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