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Mission Elevator.

Mission Elevator Title
Look closely at the guy in the elevator car.

I think Mission Elevator was a budget release (which for 16-bit games means it sold for about £10, as opposed to the £25-£30 price range for all the full-price releases). It is a barefaced copy of Taito's Elevator Action coin-op. However, since the ST is considerably more advanced than the ancient coin-op, Mission Elevator has better graphics and (arguably) better sound. Unfortunately, it lacks the gameplay that makes the coin-op still enjoyable today - mainly, it's too difficult. Your character frisks about a hotel (?) full of elevators, searching objects and shooting guys in trench coats, with the goal of reaching the top of the building. That's what I believe, anyway - but I've never even reached the top of the first level in either the Amiga or ST version, because there are simply too many trench-coated villains shooting too rapidly.

Mission Elevator in-game screenshot As you can see, the graphics in Mission Elevator are colorful, though not up to the standards of a game like Robocop 2.

Verdict: The graphics might be quite good, but the game is just too difficult. Don't bother with this one.

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