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Book 3

My third book is released! Learn what you'll need to know in order to become an embedded engineer.

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Check out my second book; learn practical stuff about building robots and control systems around Linux PCs and the Atmel AVR.

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My first book gives you all the intro you need on developing 32-bit embedded systems on a hobbyist budget.

ability 3
ability 5
ability 6
god's own musix
janelle 1
jeynelle 12.2
kazumuzak 1
one man medley 1991
ssvc intro
tastu title
tronic devastation
Sometimes I feel that if my life was reduced to a set of facts, each one inscribed on its own sheet of paper, that almost all of these pieces of paper would be filed under "Miscellaneous". This area of supports that theory.

Among the many miscellaneous things I have done in my life, I was a demowriter and demo musician for an Amiga demo and cracking crew called Ability. From this page, you can download MP3 versions of some of the music I wrote. Unfortunately, most of my music has been lost in various house-moves and other incidents. I prepared the master CD for these MP3s in 1999, just before I moved to the United States.

To listen for free, simply download using the links below. However, please note the following copyright statement: The original music on this page is © Copyright 1989-2001 Lewin A.R.W. Edwards. You are licensed to download and use this music for personal listening only. Public performance and all other commercial use (including resale in MP3 or any other recording format including but not limited to magnetic tape and compact disk) is prohibited. All other copying is prohibited. If your friends would like to have these MP3 files, you should ask them to come and download the files from this page.

With that out of the way, here's a brief description of each piece:

ability 3 One of the early songs I wrote for Ability. Many of the samples in this piece were lost accidentally, and the reconstructed version is not 100% faithful. It also isn't a very good song, but it compared favorably with other Amiga crew music of that vintage.
ability 5 Another early song, this one is mostly a rather mournful guitar/piano duet. I don't think this one made it into a demo.
ability 6 I guess it was a fairly sad part of my life (hey, I was in high school at the time!), because this is another rather unhappy/dark-sounding song with arpeggiated synth-bells in it. I used this in one of my own demos, and Ability may have used it elsewhere also.
beta-tron This one contains samples from Technotronic and my little Kawai MS210 synthesizer (plus a couple of quickie samples from the BBC TV series "Allo Allo". Techno type song.
god's own musix People loved this one! It's a kind of Technotronic + Paula Abdul remix track, consisting of many long samples and occasional hand-written accompaniment. This MOD absolutely stretched the limits of the Amiga's chip-RAM.
hashmix A quiet background piece ideal for a doc-reader (much like Purples).
janelle 1 The first piece of music I ever wrote! Consisting mostly of guitar and harpsichord solos with miscellaneous accompaniment, this music was written for my first girlfriend (whose name I didn't know how to spell correctly when I titled the piece... :). Ability used this music in a demo, and I used it in at least two independent demos of my own.
jeynelle 12.2 Another quiet background type of piece, using a bell-like instrument I really love (I ripped it from Shadow of the Beast, but I'm sure Psygnosis originally sampled it from a synth of some sort).
kazumuzak 1 This music was intended for in-game use. I think Ability put it into a couple of demos though, since the game itself was never released.
levelone Another in-game music. I don't recall the details of the game, but this was (as the title implies) used in the first level.
one man medley 1991 This is quite a long (6:46) piece which chews almost all of a 512K Amiga's chip-RAM. It's a weird medley with some very odd samples in it. A couple of riffs are adapted from Prince's song "Lemon Crush" (from the Batman soundtrack, which I was listening to at the time).
purples A very quiet background song intended for an Ability doc-reader. I also used it in the doc-reader for TASTU.
ssvc intro The intro-music to a demo called SSVC. Don't ask what it stands for. This is a tiny little piece (RAM and disk space limitations...) that is designed to sound as if it is always increasing in pitch, to give a sort of mounting-excitement feeling. A happy little number; I used this as the first track for my DEMO I CD.
tastu title The title-song to TASTU (The Amiga System Test Utility), a utility I wrote for testing Amigas I bought. This song is written entirely using instruments sampled out of my Kawai MS210 synthesizer.
tronic devastation An up-beat song full of miscellaneous samples. Ability loved this one. I know they used it in at least one demo, and I think it wound up in several.
wildbirds Intended for use in a beach-themed level of a car racing game, this piece wound up in an Ability demo. I also used it in my "Robocopy" demo, of which there are hopefully no copies still in existence ;). The music is pretty good, but the Robocopy demo was garbage, mainly because I couldn't (and can't) draw to save my life. and all original content herein is © Copyright 2001 by Lewin A.R.W. Edwards. "" is a trademark protected under U.S. and international law. Infringement or attempted dilution of the intellectual property rights held by Lewin A.R.W. Edwards will be prosecuted to the fullest possible extent.