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Leisure & Allied (Hankin) Upright Cabinet Pinouts

In Australia, Leisure and Allied Industries is the largest supplier/operator of coin-operated games. For convenience (well, for somebody's convenience 8-), they have instituted a set of local standards. This page details the pin configuration for upright cabinets serviced/supplied by this company. If you're collecting in Australia, it's not a bad idea to rewire one or all of your cabinets to this standard, because most of the wiring harnesses you will come by will be for this pinout. I know, it's a pain rewiring cabinets, but you only have to do it once. Note that the connector is not keyed! I use a felt-tip pen to indicate the "ground side" of my harness finger-boards and cabinet sockets.

The "Dest" column is an internal wiring convention, for standardized wiring of coin doors, power supplies etc. PS=Power Supply, CD=Coin Door, CP=Control Panel, CPE=Control Panel Extension, TV=monitor, and SP=Service Panel (includes loudspeaker and cabinet volume control). The number is a pin number on a Molex connector. I won't go into any further detail on this convention for two reasons; first, I don't know a whole lot more, and second, many cabinets don't adhere to these fine details, and simply have wires running direct from the edge connector to internal components. Just note that the Dest column for pins N & V may be the wrong way around; that is the only known semi-erratum on this page.

Dest Color Function # # Function Color Dest
PS2 red +5V 1 A +12V orange PS6
PS1 red +5V 2 B +12V orange PS5 & CD5
CPE5 violet/blue P1 Fire 3 3 C P2 Fire 3 gray/violet CPE6
CP8 blue/yellow P1 Start 4 D Coin Switch 1 black/orange CD1
CP9 gray/red P2 Start 5 E Coin Switch 2 gray/brown CD6
CD3 gray Slam/Tilt 6 F Coin Counter 1 red/green CD4
TV4 red Video Analog Red 7 H Service gray/white SP3
TV5 green Video Analog Green 8 J Coin Counter 2 gray/green CD7
TV6 blue Video Analog Blue 9 K Speaker - black/white SP2
TV3 white/green Horizontal Sync 10 L Speaker + brown/white SP1
TV1 white/red Vertical/Composite Sync 11 M P1 Left brown/black CP2
TV2 black Video Ground 12 N P2 Left brown/orange CPE1?
CP7 blue P1 Fire 2 13 P P1 Right black/yellow CP3
CP11 blue/white P2 Fire 2 14 R P2 Right orange/red CPE3
PS10 & PS11 black Ground 15 S P1 Up orange/blue CP4
CD2 black Ground 16 T P2 Up blue/orange CPE2
CP1 black Ground 17 U P1 Down yellow CP6
PS9 black Ground 18 V P2 Down yellow/white CPE4?
SP4 black Ground 19 W P1 Fire 1 green/blue CP6
NC 20 X P2 Fire 1 blue/green CP10
PS4 white -5V 21 Y -12V violet PS8
PS3 white -5V 22 Z -12V violet PS7

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